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Test NamePrice (Rs / INR)Sample TypeTATInfo
CBC300EDTA2 hoursMore Info
ESR 100EDTA2 hoursMore info
CRP400Serum2 hours
SGPT200Serum2 hoursTo know liver health
ANA by IFA800Serum12 hoursScreening of autoimmune diseases
ANA Profile by immunoblot3500Serum12 hoursConfirmation after ANA ifa test to know specific antigen out of 24 antigens
Urine RM200Urine2 hours
Urine CS800Urine2-3 DaysFirst morning void urine preferable
Vitamin B12800Serum2 hours
Vitamin D1200Serum2 hours
Creatinine200Serum2 hoursFor kidney disease
TTG IgA (Tissue transglutaminase)800Serum24 hourFor Celiac disease of intestine
Urea200Serum2 hoursFor kidney disease
Semen Examination400Semen4 hoursTo know sperm count, motility etc.
AMH Anti Mullerian Hormone2000Serum4 hoursTo know ovarian reserve for fertility
NIPT Test for pregnancy12000Streck tube10 daysGenetic test for various anomalies in developing foetus
Blood Gas Analysis - ABG/VBG1200Heparin (arterial or venous)10 minutesTo know pH and saturation