ANA Profile by Immunoblot Test in Ahmedabad

ana profile ahmedabadANA (Anti-Nuclear Antigen) Profile or ANA blot test is used to detect individual antigens when your ANA screening test by IFA (immunofluorescence) comes positive to identify specific antigen/disease one might be having.

Normally our body products antibodies against foreign antigens. But in few Autoimmune disease, our body fights or produces antibodies against one’s own antigen and produces symptoms/disease/syndrome.

Our ana blot has almost 24 antigens to cover max diseases.

ANA Profile by immunoblot test price : Rs 3500

Report available : Same day (except holidays/Sundays)

Test is prescribed by a doctor when you have symptoms related to some autoimmune disease like SLE, Sjogren’s syndrome, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Polyarthritis, Scleroderma etc. In such diseases you have signs/symptoms like joint pain, swelling, fever, fatigue etc.

No specific preparation or fasting is required for this test. You can come for this blood test any time of the day. Qline  Diagnostics also provide home sample collection facility at minimal charges.

In few cases ANA can be positive even in normal person. Doctor usually order multiple tests to come to a conclusion for an autoimmune disease.

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  1. Yadaiah February 9, 2021 at 10:25 am

    Dear sir, I am yadaiah from Hyderabad. I am writing this mail out of lot of fear because two months back I checked my ana profile it has shown jo-1borderline with integrity 5. After that I came to know that jo-1is related to ILD disease….. Is it true sir. Your reply will help me a lot please try to understand. I hope I will get a reply


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