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Porphyria Test in Ahmedabad : Total Porphyrins, δ-amino levulinic acid (δ-ALA) and Porphobilinogen

Urinary total Porphyrins, δ-amino levulinic acid (δ-ALA) and Porphobilinogen are 3 most commonly done tests for the diagnosis and management of various types of porphyrias. A doctor will prescribe/order these tests when you have symptoms related to cutaneous porphyria or neurologic porphyria. Symptoms include but not limited to, blisters or redness or scars on sun

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid ) Blood Test in Ahmedabad

Vitamin C or ascorbate or ascorbic acid is one of the main water soluble vitamins in our body important for various body functions and deficiency of it leads to a bone disease known as Scurvy. Vitamin C (Total Ascorbic acid) by HPLC method 2 ml Lithium heparin Plasma or serum In Fasting condition covered In

Chikungunya RT PCR Test in Ahmedabad – Book Home Visit

Similarly to covid RTPCR and dengue PCR, Chikungunya PCR test is now available in Ahmedabad with fast turn around time of 12 to 24 hours. Key Features : Done from Blood Test report / result within 12 to 24 hours Test cost price Rs 2000 for Chikungunya PCR only. Rs 2000 for Dengue PCR…  Dengue