Complete Blood Count (CBC) Hemogram Test in Ahmedabad

cbc blood test ahmedabadComplete Blood Count (CBC), also known as Hemogram Test, is the most common ordered test by a doctor. It is ordered when a person suffers from fever or anemia or as a general routine checkup.

The CBC test includes various parameters/tests like :

  • Haemoglobin level
  • WBC or Total count
  • Platelets count
  • RBC count
  • Haematocrit
  • MCV – RBC volume
  • MCHC
  • MCH
  • RDW
  • Differential count which includes
  • Neutrophil %
  • Lymphocytes %
  • Eosinophils %
  • Monocytes %
  • Basophils %
  • Any abnormal cells
  • Malaria Parasite
  • RBC morphology
  • WBC morphology
  • Platelet on smear

CBC test cost price is Rs 250 in Ahmedabad

CBC with PS will cost Rs 300 in Ahmedabad

Test report result – usually comes in half to one hour but can take more time occasionally.

At Qline lab, CBC test is done on Horiba Pentra ES 60 – fully automatic 6 part haematology analyser from France. Don’t go for cheapest, go for the best – its your body, its your health !



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