AMH (Anti Mullerian hormone) Test in Ahmedabad

What is Anti Mullerian Hormone (AMH)?

AMH full-form is Anti Mullerian hormone and is produced by granulosa cells in the ovary of females.

How is AMH Produced and What Does it Measure?

It is produced in female ovaries. It is one of the important hormone that affects the egg formation in females and so for the fertility. It helps to know the outcome of IVF treatment if one is going for IVF.

AMH can be done on any time of the day and any day of the fertility cycle as it remains almost constant in woman’s menstrual cycle.

Fasting is not required.

AMH test cost price : Rs 1600 (online discounted rate, MRP Rs 2000)

Report time (TAT) – around 4 hours.

Lab open 24×7, Sunday and holiday also patients can come. Home visit available in Ahmedabad at extra visit cost – visit cost depends on distance.

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  • Test your anti mullerian hormone levels and get accurate results in no time. Our AMH test is done on fully automatic CLIA technology instrument from Beckman Coulter, number one in the world for AMH testing.

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