QuantiFERON Test (QFT) or TB Gold or IGRA (Interferon gamma release assay) test for Immigration / Visa in Ahmedabad

QuantiFERON Test (QFT) or TB Gold or IGRA (Interferon gamma release assay) test is often asked by immigration agencies / job agencies / visa consultants / students going for college higher studies at USA or Canada from India.

It is a blood test done to check if a person is suffering from TB ( tuberculosis ) infection or disease. People living in high risk endemic countries like India are prone for TB infection and so they ask for this test before you enter their country. This prevents their country from getting TB infected people in their states.

Qline Diagnostics provide US FDA approved TB Gold testing services.  The QuantiFERON IGRA TB Gold test is also more sensitive and specific than TST / Mantoux / tuberculin skin test.

Procedure : Person requires to give around 3-4 ml of vein blood sample. It will hardly take 10 minutes and person can leave then. One can ask for home visit also in Ahmedabad, which is chargeable extra about 100-200 Rs depending on distance from the lab. No fasting or any specific precautions/preparations required. Single visit only.

Test cost price : Rs 2800

Report time : 2 days

Report will show : Negative / Positive / Indeterminate test results. TB gold positive indicates that one has been exposed to TB causing bacteria/germs. Now one needs to rule out whether you have active disease or not by detailed clinical history / examination / chest xray etc.

Report delivery : Whatsapp / Email / Hard printed copy can be collected from lab or home delivered at extra visit charges.

We do perform other commonly prescribed tests for immigration / visit purpose like MMR titre test.


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