Dengue PCR Qualitative Test in Ahmedabad

Dengue PCR test is one of the best & most sensitive and specific test for detecting/confirming Dengue viral infection in an individual.

dengue pcr test ahmedabadQline Diagnostics Pathology Laboratory in Naranpura Ahmedabad offers wide range of tests for Dengue infection.

Following tests are generally prescribed for diagnosis and management of patients with dengue viral disease :

  • CBC – Complete blood count test for WBC and platelet count
  • Dengue NS1 Antigen test – for early detection of infection, can be positive from 1-7 days after infection.
  • Dengue Antibody tests – IgG and IgM antibodies – Can be positive in later part of the disease, after 3-5 days and more.
  • Dengue NS1 antigen and antibody tests done by both Rapid method and ELISA method. While rapid method results available in 1-2 hours, ELISA method result takes around 8-12 hrs.
  • Dengue PCR Qualitative Test by Real Time PCRTest Price/Cost Rs 2000, test results available in around 12-24 hours. Most sensitive test, ordered when antigen and antibody tests are negative and doctor is highly suspecting dengue virus infection. Report will show either Detected Or Not-Detected – means its a qualitative test.

Dengue Virus PCR test :

Clinical Information for healthcare professional
This qualitative Dengue RNA test detects the presence of Dengue virus circulating in the blood and is among the most sensitive tests available. Qualitative Dengue RNA can be detected in the blood (serum) from patients for approximately the first 5 days of symptoms. The Real Time RT-PCR assay detects DENV in a significantly high proportion of cases during this time, very early after the onset of symptoms of dengue. This is important because an early laboratory confirmation of a dengue diagnosis helps physicians managing the case.

This is a qualitative assay; results are reported either as Dengue RNA Detected or Not Detected.
A “detected” result indicates the presence of Dengue RNA and is consistent with active infection. A “not detected” result, on the other hand, is consistent with the absence of Dengue RNA or with Dengue RNA levels below the detectable limit of the test.

This assay is only to be used for patients with a clinical history and symptoms consistent with Dengue infection, and must be interpreted in the context of the clinical picture. This test should not be used to screen asymptomatic patients.



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  1. […] Dengue NS1 test positive means the individual is currently infected with the dengue virus. A negative result does not rule out the dengue infection especially if done after first 3-4 days of fever. The test should be redone to confirm the suspicion or go for other tests like IgG, IgM antibody test or Dengue PCR. […]


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