Troponin I Test Ahmedabad Urgent

troponin i ahmedabadQline Diagnostics now doing High Sensitive Troponin I assay on Vidas platform.

Compliant with current professional guidelines: total precision (coefficient of variation, CV) at the 99th percentile < 10%

High level of performance for diagnosis and risk stratification

New generation of highly sensitive troponin (cTn) assays allows earlier detection of acute MI, with shortening of time window for serial measurement to 3 hours.

cTn has become a continuous variable with accurate measurement below the 99th percentile as well as small absolute changes within one or two hours.

This has enabled development of algorithms for reliable rule-out and rule-in of acute MI within 2 hours.

Home visit available and 24 hrs lab open in Naranpura Ahmedabad – Troponin I result within 1 hour of sample reaching the lab.

Cost of Troponin I (High sensitive) test – Rs 1000


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