CRD is component resolve diagnosis is an advanced allergy testing for various components of an allergen from persons blood done at Qline Diagnostics Ahmedabad.

It is a microarray based 4th Generation Revolutionary Test with following Advantages :
• 296 Allergens screening in one run
• True lgE Profiling: Total lgE + Specific lgE + Protein family identification
• Eliminates False Positives & increases Assay Specificity
• Molecular allergens ensure Batch-to-batch Consistency
• Allergy screening, diagnosis, prognosis & monitoring together
• Analyzes the Persistence or Remission of food allergy
• Risk Stratification through Protein family identification
• Individualized guidance for Allergen Avoidance
• Selection of patients for Allergen lmmuno therapy
• Screening for Idiopathic Allergies
• Effectively analyzes Complex Allergic Syndromes
(OAS, Latex-Fruit Syndrome, Cat-Pork Syndrome, etc.)
• Nearly free from CCD Interference
• Al-Driven automated reporting software


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CRL allergy panel Qline intro CRD panel Qline report

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