Coronavirus (COVID-19) Testing Laboratory in Ahmedabad Gujarat

corona test ahmedabad gujaratCoronavirus disease (COVID-19) in an acute respiratory disease spread by novel Coronavirus (SARSCoV2). First cases of CoVid19 came into picture during December 2019 in Wuhan Province of China and started spreading to whole world within few months. It was declared pandemic by WHO soon and FDA started giving emergency approval to many test kit manufacturers across USA and rest of the world also started making testing kits for the same.

COVID-19 VIRUS QUALITATIVE PCR for novel corona is considered the gold standard method for corona virus testing.
Covid 19 IgG and IgM antibody tests are also been manufactured and available by rapid and ELISA testing kits.

Update : Currently the test is not available at any private laboratory in Ahmedabad Gujarat and only Civil hospital is offering the test after proper govt approval and Duly filled Covid-19 clinical information form (Form 44 ) is mandatory. If you wish to get corona test done, you can’t get it done so simply right now.

For private testing, govt has kept a cap of Rs 4500 on the cost of cornavirus test. Free at govt institutes.

So lets wait for government and ICMR approval for private laboratory testing in Ahmedabad for now.

Meanwhile, please watch the video below on steps to prevent coronavirus infection spread among the community and help nation come out of it soon.


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