Biopsy Report / Histopathology / Cytopathology / FNAC services in Ahmedabad

At Qline, we provide histopathology (biopsy report), Cytology/cytopathology which includes FNAC and body fluid analysis reporting  services for the patients.

For biopsy or histopath report which is usually done for Cancer, we will require Tissue pieces taken out by surgeon in a container filled with formalin chemical.

Reports usually come in 2-5 days , depends on the size and complexity of tissue. Charges also varies, ranging from Rs 1000 to Rs 10000.

IHC immunohistochemistry is also available post biopsy reports.

kindly provide the histopathology report of the paraffin block /slides submitted for review of biopsy report.

Also mention site of biopsy.

All relevant x-rays/mri/ct /usg scans  with reports and clinical /treatment history to be submitted with the specimen with doctor prescription.

histopathology biopsy report ahmedabad






















Various services provided related to Histopathology / Cytology :

  1. Biopsy histopath report
  2. PAP smear – conventional and LBC Liquid based cytology
  3. Fluid for cytology
  4. CSF cytospin smears
  5. Renal Biopsy with immunofluorescence
  6. Skin biopsy with immunofluorescence
  7. Slides/blocks for review – review of biopsy report
  8. FNAC procedure with reporting – breast, thyroid, lymph node swelling, soft tissue swellings etc
  9. USG guided FNAC procedure (on-site radiology clinic, visit charges of pathologist applicable)
  10. Bone marrow biopsy and aspiration procedure as well as reporting along with IHC and flowcytometry.
  11. IHC immunohistochemistry report for cancer, lymphoma, final diagnosis panel for unknown  tumors etc
  12. Special histopath stains like fungal stain, AFB stain, metachromatic stains etc.

Frozen section reporting not available currently.



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