Alcohol / Ethanol ETG Blood Urine Test in Ahmedabad

Alcohol blood urine testQline diagnostics is a leading reference medical clinical laboratory in Naranpura Ahmedabad offering high end specialty tests.
Many people ask to know about alcohol status in their body by doing blood or urine tests to know effect of intoxication or treatment or for general screening purpose for preemployment workup.

For alcohol test, test available is EtG level which is a metabolite of Ethanol (a type of alcohol).
It can be done from Spot/Random Urine or Blood both.

Test : Alcohol Ethanol ETG test – Urine / Serum

Report time – 2 days
No preparation required from client/person/patient side.

Price cost Rs 1200

Home visit – Available, charges extra depending on distance. Usually around Rs 50 – 200

Alcohol is removed from the body after few hours so the test becomes negative.

We also do Smoking/Nicotine test from urine, and drugs of abuse test from urine

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