25 (OH) Vitamin D / Vitamin D3 Test Ahmedabad

Vitamin D3 test ahmedabad25-Hydroxy vitamin D is one of the major form of Vitamin D in our body and is the main transport form. Vitamin D deficiency often causes pain in legs or hands or body or bones. Severe deficiency of Vitamin D3 causes Rickets in children and osteomalacia in adults which causes improper walking.

Vitamin D3 or simple Vitamin D test is useful to know Vitamin D level in body, whether it is low or high and for knowing proper levels for those who are taking Vitamin D tablets.

Vitamin D hormone level in body is best assessed by measurement of 25 hydroxy vitamin D, as it is the major circulating form and has longer half life ( 2-3 weeks) than 1,25 Dihydroxy vitamin D ( 5-8 hrs).

It should be checked once or twice in a year if you are suffering from bone pains or taking supplements. Proper worldwide traceable method and accuracy is important for testing. Qline diagnostics does with FDA approved kits and traceable to reference standard.

  • Price Rs 1100
  • Lab open 24 hours
  • No special preparation or fasting required.
  • Home visit possible, extra charges as applicable according to distance from main lab in Naranpura, Ahmedabad.
  • Result usually available in 1-4 hours.

Decreased or reduced low Levels of Total Vetamin D :
 Inadequate exposure to sunlight
 Dietary deficiency especially in urban areas
 Vitamin D malabsorption
 Severe Hepatocellular disease
 Drugs like Anticonvulsants
 Nephrotic syndrome

Increased levels
Vitamin D intoxication

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