Dengue NS1 test Ahmedabad

Get tested for Dengue infection if you are suffering from fever this season.

Two types of tests available :

  • Dengue NS1 antigen Rapid Immunochromatography test is a qualitative test and can be positive from day 1 of fever to around 5 days of infection. Rapid Test price is Rs 600 and result comes within 1 hour.
    • NS1 antigen by ELISA cost is Rs 800, result comes within 6-12 hours depending on sample collection time and is more sensitive and better than rapid test.
  • Dengue IgG, IgM antibody test. The dengue antibodies appear from around day 4-5 after infection. Test price for IgG+IgM rapid test is Rs 600 total for both, by ELISA is Rs 600 each IgG or IgM.
  • Dengue Profile (which includes all NS1, IgG, IgM tests) – cost price by Rapid method is Rs 1200 and by ELISA is Rs 1800.


  • All the above NS1, IgG and IgM tests available by Rapid immunochromatographic method and ELISA method. Rapid method result comes fast within 1-2 hours while ELISA method result comes within 6-8 hrs. Elisa is little more sensitive than rapid method but little costlier
  • CBC Test (Complete blood count / Hemogram) is also a necessary and first test which helps to diagnose possibility of dengue infection. The platelets go down in dengue and so CBC test is often repeated to see status of platelet count. Price Rs 250 for complete blood count.

Get tested for any of the above dengue tests at Qline Diagnostics Naranpura Ahmedabad 079-48979042

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Note :

Please consult your physician for the report or further information to get tested.

Recommended test is NS1 Antigen during the first 5 days of fever. After 7-10 days of fever, the recommended test is Dengue fever antibodies IgG & IgM test.

Dengue NS1 test positive means the individual is currently infected with the dengue virus. A negative result does not rule out the dengue infection especially if done after first 3-4 days of fever. The test should be redone to confirm the suspicion or go for other tests like IgG, IgM antibody test or Dengue PCR.

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