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Urine Drug Screen Test – Urine For Toxicology Ahmedabad

Urine Drugs of abuse Screen Test or urine for toxicology test is done at Qline Diagnostics Naranpura Ahmedabad. Sample : Random urine in sterile container Report time : 1 hour Individual drugs or 6 drugs or 10 drugs profile can be done. Drug tests which are available : Amphetamine Barbiturate Opiates/Morphine Benzodiazepine Cocaine/Benzoylecgonine Methamphetamine/Ecstasy Methadone

D-Dimer Test in Naranpura Ahmedabad

Qline Diagnostics performs DDimer test in Naranpura Branch. Report available quickly with best world-class reagents/machines. Home visit available or person can visit our lab at Shashtrinagar Ahmedabad. D Dimer Test cost price : Rs 1000 Citrate blood collection tube is to be collected. Report available usually in 1-2 hours even on Sunday Or Holiday Or

Porphyria Test in Ahmedabad : Total Porphyrins, δ-amino levulinic acid (δ-ALA) and Porphobilinogen

Urinary total Porphyrins, δ-amino levulinic acid (δ-ALA) and Porphobilinogen are 3 most commonly done tests for the diagnosis and management of various types of porphyrias. A doctor will prescribe/order these tests when you have symptoms related to cutaneous porphyria or neurologic porphyria. Symptoms include but not limited to, blisters or redness or scars on sun