Anti NMDA Receptor Antibody Test in Ahmedabad – CSF / Serum

NMDA receptor Antibody test (also called as Anti NMDA test, Anti NMDA Receptor antibody test or NMDA NR1 test or NMDA Receptor (NR1-subunit) Autoantibody Test )

nmda receptor antibody testAnti-NMDA receptor (NR1-subunit) antibody is found in patients with encephalitis, acute psychiatric disturbances, seizures, memory deficits, and hypoventilation.

  • Sample type : CSF or blood serum both
  • Cost price : Rs 6000
  • TAT report time : 3-4 days
  • No special preparation required, can be done any time of the day.

Test result means : If the NMDA Receptor Antibody (NR1) is positive, it may indicate autoimmune NMDA encephalitis. If the test is negative, it does not rule out other forms of autoimmune encephalitis. The results should be correlated with the clinical and radiological findings.

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Autoimmune encephalitis is a serious condition that causes inflammation in the brain, leading to various neurological problems. It often shows up as seizures and changes in behavior or mood. In addition to looking at the symptoms and medical history, doctors use different tests to help diagnose this condition. One important test looks for antibodies against a specific receptor called NMDA. This receptor is involved in many important brain functions like breathing, movement, learning, memory, and brain flexibility. Finding these antibodies can be a sign of autoimmune encephalitis, which is a type of inflammatory brain disease.


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