Semen Analysis / Examination test in Ahmedabad

Semen analysis test or semen examination / sperm count test is an important men’s test to help evaluate the cause of infertility in a couple. It helps to differentiate whether the infertility is due to the female problem or the male problem.

Semen analysis or semen examination test

Semen test is done at Qline Diagnostics, Naranpura according to Latest WHO Guidelines:

  • Sample collection : To be done at lab or at home by masturbation. If done at home, sample should reach the lab within 30 minutes and keep sample near body during transport. Note down the time of sample collection.
  • Days of abstinence (Days after last masturbation/sex) : 2 to 7 days or as told by your doctor.
  • Test Cost/Price : Rs 300
  • Sample collection timing : Sample should be collected/given after 9 am till 8 pm. For Sunday/Holiday – available but call lab and take appointment.
  • Report : within 3-4 hours.
  • Report Delivery : Hard copy can be collected from lab at any time – 24 hours open. Whatsapp/Email also available.

Semen testing is ordered for infertility investigation or if suffering from testicular infection to look for pus cells or for semen culture test.

Instructions for Semen sample collection

  1. Abstinence (No coitus/masturbation) period of 2-7 days is to be required. Tell the lab the days of abstinence (what you tell will come printed on the report)
  2. Same period of abstinence to be followed if 2 samples are given at 2 different times.
  3. Clean wide mouthed container to be used, preferentially from the lab. Take care that semen doesn’t get leaked or falls on the ground. If so, inform the lab.
  4. Collection may be done by masturbation without the use of any lubricants
  5. Coitus Interrupts (engaging in intercourse and pulling out before semen leakage) may be tried, however, not advisable as the initial part of ejaculate may be lost.
  6. Special condoms may be used for sperm collection during intercourse without any spermicidal agents. Lab doesn’t provide such condoms though.
  7. If semen is collected at home, then the sample with the container should be held close to the body, notably in the shirt pocket.
  8. The sample should reach the lab under 1 hour, preferably under 30 minutes.
  9. The container should be labeled with the patient’s name, date, time of collection and also the abstinence period.
  10. There will be lab to lab variation as it is a qualitative test done manually. Also the sperm count varies with each ejaculate.

Along with it, various other tests including hormonal tests for both males and females are required for infertility evaluation and they are available at Qline Diagnostics laboratory in Ahmedabad.


Sperm or Semen abnormalities nomenclature :
  • Aspermia: Absence of semen
  • Azoospermia: Absence of sperms in the ejaculate
  • Hypospermia: Low semen volume
  • Oligozoospermia: Low sperm count
  • Asthenozoospermia: Lower sperm motility
  • Teratozoospermia: Abnormal sperm morphology, out of normal range.
  • Necrozoospermia: All sperms in the semen are dead. No viability.
  • Semen WBC count high : This suggests infection and semen culture is advisable.
  • High liquifaction time : This could be due to infection or some prostate problem.
  • High viscosity : This could be due to infection or prostate secretions problem.
  • High RBC count : This suggests bleeding in the tract or infection
  • Sperm agglutination : This could be due to anti sperm antibodies – testing for sperm antibodies is suggested.


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