Covid-19 RT-PCR Testing Center in Ahmedabad for Coronovirus

There are various tests available for Coronovirus disease diagnosis as well as for prognosis.

Covid-19 RT-PCR is one of the best confirmatory test for Coronovirus pandemic though it can be falsely negative or falsely positive. No test is 100% sure.

RTPCR sample is collected by nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal swab – that is a swab is taken from backside of nose and back of tongue from pharnyx.

Qline Diagnostics Pathology Laboratory in Naranpura Ahmedabad provides Covid19 RTPCR sample collection services (not testing) in Ahmedabad. Though testing is done by associated partner lab which is ICMR approved and NABL certified. Currently we are keeping the PCR sample collection services on hold due to heavy backlog and overload as well as reports getting delayed by partner lab. Its taking almost 48 hours for the reports to come after sample collection.

We are not providing Rapid antigen swab test at our center which is done by Govt people on road side camps.

covid test in ahmedabadOther blood tests and antibody tests are available routinely 24×7 at our center or home visit.

Blood tests done frequently for monitoring of coronovirus disease are :

  1. CBC – complete blood count
  2. CRP – C-Reactive protein
  3. D-Dimer
  4. Ferritin
  5. LDH – Lactate dehydrogenase
  6. SGPT
  7. Creatinine
  8. IL-6 : Interleukin-6
  9. PCT – Procalcitonin
  10. Blood culture
  11. Urine routine and many more.

We also provide and are govt of Gujarat authorized laboratory for Covid-19 SARS-Cov-2 Antibody testing which includes IgG and IgM antibodies :

  • Covid IgG antibody test to know immune status of an individual after coronovirus disease or after vaccination. It predicts protection against Covid-19. It comes positive around 2 weeks after infection/vaccination but can get delayed too.
  • Covid IgM Antibody test to know if one is recently infected with Coronovirus if RTPCR comes negative or inconclusive. It comes positive average 5-6 days after covid infection though depends on patients immune status and virus load.




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