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Antibody Titre Tests for Immigration/VISA in Ahmedabad

Various tests are required by different different countries for job and VISA processing, out of them commonly asked tests are antibody titre levels . These are the tests to detect the level of antibodies in one’s blood against certain diseases/organisms so as to protect oneself and others from the infection and thus to contain the

Dengue PCR Qualitative Test in Ahmedabad

Dengue PCR test is one of the best & most sensitive and specific test for detecting/confirming Dengue viral infection in an individual. Qline Diagnostics Pathology Laboratory in Naranpura Ahmedabad offers wide range of tests for Dengue infection. Following tests are generally prescribed for diagnosis and management of patients with dengue viral disease : CBC –

HIV AIDS Testing Center in Ahmedabad Gujarat

HIV virus causes Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS). There are two main types of HIV viruses which cause disease in India – HIV-1 and HIV-2. Most cases are due to HIV-1 while HIV-2 is very rare. Qline Diagnostics does HIV testing in Ahmedabad by various standardized, accurate and reliable methods available. Various Tests available for HIV