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ANA Profile by Immunoblot Test in Ahmedabad

ANA (Anti-Nuclear Antigen) Profile or ANA blot test is used to detect individual antigens when your ANA screening test by IFA (immunofluorescence) comes positive to identify specific antigen/disease one might be having. Normally our body products antibodies against foreign antigens. But in few Autoimmune disease, our body fights or produces antibodies against one’s own antigen

always-open 24x7 pathology lab ahmedabad

24×7 365 Days, Sunday, Holiday Open Laboratory in Ahmedabad

Nobody knows when can an emergency come. Also in this hectic life schedule, person tends to become free after office hours or during holidays/Sundays to do his pending work. No tackle the above situations, Qline Diagnostics Pathology Laboratory, Naranpura Ahmedabad branch is open 24×7 365 days, open on Sundays and Holidays too. So no second

Semen Analysis / Examination test in Ahmedabad

Semen analysis or semen examination is an important test to help evaluate the cause of infertility in a couple. It helps to differentiate whether the infertility is due to the female problem or the male problem. Semen test is done at Qline Diagnostics Naranpura according to WHO Guidelines: Sample collection : To be done at