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pap smear test ahmedabad

PAP Smear Test for Cervical Cancer Screening in Ahmedabad

PAP smear is a non-invasive OPD procedure test which is used for early detection/screening for cervical cancer in females. Test cost price : Rs 500 Procedure price : Varies with different different gynecologists. Around Rs 500. Our lab receives PAP test sample after collection by gynecologist. Report Time : 1-2 days (excluding holidays/Sunday) Reporting is

HbA1c – Glycosylated Hemoglobin Test for Diabetes in Ahmedabad

What is HbA1c level test?  Hemoglobin A1c is a type of hemoglobin in the red blood cells that is glycated/bound to the glucose. The average life span of the red blood cells is 120 days, so this Hb a1c test suggests 3 months (8-12 weeks) average glucose/sugar level in one’s body and thus can be

complete-blood-count CBC test ahmedabad

Complete Blood Count (CBC) Hemogram Test in Ahmedabad

Complete Blood Count (CBC), also known as Hemogram Test, is the most common ordered test by a doctor. It is ordered when a person suffers from fever or anemia or as a general routine checkup. The CBC test includes various parameters/tests like : Haemoglobin level WBC or Total count Platelets count RBC count Haematocrit MCV