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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Testing Laboratory in Ahmedabad Gujarat

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in an acute respiratory disease spread by novel Coronavirus (SARS–CoV–2). First cases of CoVid19 came into picture during December 2019 in Wuhan Province of China and started spreading to whole world within few months. It was declared pandemic by WHO soon and FDA started giving emergency approval to many test kit manufacturers across USA

Urine Routine Micro Culture Test in Ahmedabad

Urine routine micro is one of the most commonly prescribed test to know about : Urine infection Blood in urine Urinary stones Urinary tumours Pain while passing urine Bladder stone Bladder cancer Kidney cancer Kidney stones Ureteral and urethral stones Ureteral, urethral, kidney renal tumours In diabetes to know protein and sugar level   One

Myositis Antibodies Profile Test in Ahmedabad, Gujarat | Myositis Autoantibodies Panel

Myositis is a disease of muscle where there is a problem with walking/standing properly due to inflammatory disorder of the muscles. Qline Advanced Diagnostic Laboratory offer a Myositis Antibody Panel to help in the diagnosis of the idiopathic inflammatory myopathies, commonly referred to as myositis. When combined with clinical features, the myositis-specific autoantibodies can aid